For more than 10 years, the 3D Project Studio team and Milcho Uzunov have been working in the field of 3D Mapping. In addition to the mingling, which has been done in exteriors, our company has completed many 3D Mapping projects in interiors, such as the Macedonian National Theater, the Drama Theater - Skopje, MOB and other commercial interiors.




3D Mapping show together with the PROFUNDIS chamber orchestra. Produced in the Macedonian Opera and Ballet under the baton of maestro Gurđica Dašić and visualization by Milcho Uzunov. Composition of V. Walton - Sonata for String Orchestra - IV. For this work, 4 video layers obtained with 3 laser projectors were used.



On 19th of October 2021, 3D Project Studio produced the audiovisual work of art, 3D Mapping Show on the building of the Ministry of Culture in Skopje named "80 years since the first shot - culture and art disobedience." This mapping art describes the struggle and liberation from the fascism in our country, the dark times and the desire for freedom. The director of this project is professor Milcho Uzunov and the author of the music is the renowned Macedonian composer Kokan Dimushevski.



On April 27th, 2021 for the one-year anniversary of North Macedonia as member of NATO, 3D Project Studio produced a 3D Mapping Show for the NATO Liaison Ofiice in Skopje, on the building of the Ministry of Defence. The show was directed and written by Milco Uzunov, the music was by Kokan Dimushevski and the lighting and sound design was from DVD Rental - Skopje and 3D Project Studio - Skopje.


On October 11th 2018, within the program of the "Skopje Light Art District Festival," 3D Project Studio presented its latest 3D Mapping Show titled "Timeline," which was presented on an area of 448m2. The mapping was projected at the "Dom IBNI Pajko" building in the center of Skopje. The show was directed by Zlatko Slavenski, the 3D Mapping was by the animator Dejan Mircevski, the music was by Kokan Dimusevski and the 3D Mapping was created by Milcho Uzunov.


The last project on stage made by 3D Project Studio was "They are shooting the horses, aren't they?" ("И коњите ги убиваат, зарем не?"). The 3D Mapping show lasted 55 minutes and was accompanIed live by the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra. The show was made based on the music arranged by Dzijan Emin. It was directed by Zlatko Slavenski, while the 3D Mapping video and effects was done by Milco Uzunov - 3D Project Studio along with the acting performance by Dejan Lilic. The unique show with made with a music matrix and live performance instrument filled with music effects and 3 layer video. The mapping also extends to the instruments placed on the stage, and it coincides with the acting play that is intertwined with the musical performance. More than 360 square meters of area was covered and distributed on 3 different surfaces in the Macedonian Philharmonic theater.



"Златно Славејче" is the first children’s pop festival in North Macedonia with songs made from Macedonian authors. We are pleased that we were able to present a diffrent platform for the festival in 2018, which besides the macedonian kids songs and guests from around the world, it also included a mapping on stage.


  On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Knauf Macedonia, 3D Project Studio produced a 6 minute 3D Mapping Show at the Hotel DoubleTree by Hilton Skopje, which was made in 4 video layers with the measures 18 m x 3.5 m. There were also 8 stage elements specifically designed for the show. This show was supported by DVD PET rental equipment company which contributed with the 5000 Ansi/Lum SONY Projectors and the LED Screen 5m x 3m dimension.


In the IZGREV hotel, a virtual gallery was created with blank (white) images on which images were projected. The actor moved from one picture to another telling the whole HoReca story... The project was realized for the needs of EPP Communications - Skopje


Stage Mapping
Mapping on Buildings
Mapping with Actors