In addition to the 3D Mapping projects projected on buildings, 3D Project Studio has done many 3D Mappings in the theatres in North Macedonia. Some of the most successful projects are the "Sinata Ptica" directed by Zlatko Slavenski - MNT, "Dzon Pipl Foks" directed by Kole Angelovski - Dramski Teatar Skopje, "Bure Barut" directed by Saso Milenkovski - Dramski Teatar Skopje etc.


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The Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra and 3D Project Studio present you the project "They are killing horses too, aren't they?." An unforgettable 3D experience with the legendary hits by Led Zepellin accompanied with the notes of the great Dmitri Shostakovich, along with the help of Kubrick's favourite Aram Khachaturian together and the brilliant acting by Dejan Lilic. The musical arrangment was made by maestro Dzijan Emin. The 3D mapping was created by Milco Uzunov, and the show was directed by Zlatko Slavenski. Awaken your senses and enjoy the most spectacular 3D Mapping Show.

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 Participants in the project:

Director - Zlatko Slavenski
3D Mapping and video - Milco Uzunov
Video Animation - Nikola Kachanski & Dejan Mirchevski
Music Arrangment - Dzijan Emin
Actor - Dejan Lilic
Violin - Georgina Popovska & Marija Trajkovska
Viola - Verica Ajtovska
Cello - Marija Mihajlovska & Maja Mihajlovska
Flute - Ilinka Velkova & Elena Dojcinova
Rog - Marina Nikolovska
Percussion - Dea Plevnes & Antonie Veskovski

Director of the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra
Viktor Ilieski