3D Project Studio is a film production company that combines creative services, brand design, marketing strategies and advanced HD technology for organizing and technical realization of various events and projects.

We offer to our customers marketing and advertising services, media campaigns, logo design, web design, graphics design, video animations, TV ads, documentaries, feature series, music videos, organizing events, promotions, congresses, HD broadcasts live from the scene to the national televisions, etc.

The history of our company started in the distant 1994, initially as a news publishing house with the sole purpose of serving clients in the field of marketing, which included graphics design and printing of advertising materials. Given the fact that clients are in the first place, already in 1996 we decided to expand our business and provide a full range of additional engagements starting with video (film) production.

Today, as a brand on the supply and demand market, 3D Project Studio, beside the needs of the graphics design, also has video editing, video mixer, mobile production and a (vehicle) - an Ob Van for live events – recording, filming and montage of given activities. The OB Van is compact and equipped with Full HD, 10 cameras real-time, tattler/logo generator, play out machine, slow motion machine and with that equipment the project is ready to go live in two and half hours.

During the period of 8 years the OB Van was successfully exploited in various events such as sport games (handball, basketball and football), music (concerts, shows), fashion shows, political rally, making video animations and editing of film material, broadcasting and TV series.