The video set is an ideal solution for the production of small sports competitions. It is based on 4 ENG cameras with intercom communication and preview PGM signal. Additionally, on the set there can be 3 robotic cameras with full control connected, or two additional camera sets. The interconnection is done with LC-LC type optical cables, and allows each camera to be 500 metres away from the set up. The installation is fast and simple and is done in less than 3 hours. Besides the production capability with 7 cameras, this set offers graphics with sports statistics and a slow motion with four channels. The production team consists of:

      4 Professional Cameramen,
      1 Director of Photography,
1 Audio Engineers,
      1 Switcher / Vision Mixer Operator,
      1 Graphic Operator,
      3 Sports Statisticians,

      1 Replay Slow Motion / Playout Operator,
      1 Sports Director,
      2 Technical Crew



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