Beside sports and music events, the video set is also used for production and live streaming of specific events. One event like this produced by 3D Project Studio was the "Peripheral Vascular Intervention Education and Workshop Meeting" which was held at the Cardiology Center in Ohrid. With the help of the robotic camera system, a direct audio and video connection was established between the operating room and the lecture hall, where participants could directly communicate with doctors during the intervention. The doctors in the operating room had an established connection for communication with the other colleagues, who also took part in the discussions during the interventions. 


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In 2019, we managed the production of a two days event which took place in the Cineplexx Cinemas on more than 3 smaller locations and was technically covered with 15 cameras. In this setting there were 6 robotic, 4 ENG cameras and 5 action cameras included. During the event, there were 4 video internet streams included in which 8 commentators participated.

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