If you need to shoot a live music events, concerts or multimedia performances, then our OB Van is the right choice for your project. Equipped with a video mixer featuring a 2ME and a graphics station that allows a display in multiple layers, you have the ability to control any external LED display on stage or another position, projectors and other AUX output... Built-in a digital 24-channel audio mixer from Soundcraft Performer I with a digital extended card that provides additional 16 input channels from the stage. Digital recording wtih all 24 channels will be done by using a PC, in a great 48KHz 24bit WAV format. With a good internet connection, the OB Van has the option for direct live streaming on multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc. To transmit a TV signal to local TV Stations, our production features a small MPEG2 SD video link, which can transmit 2 independent video channels with 4 audio channels digitally at 10.8 GHz. In this configuration there is an opportunity for separative recording from each camera, and a final mix. This option allows additional video editing of the recorded material.