For more than 10 years, 3D Project Studio has been involved in the production of 3D Mapping Shows. Depending on the interior or the exterior, and the number of surfaces there can be projected different applications. For the completion of 3D Mapping between 2 and 4 layers, we use applications on EMS, Eazy Playout and Net Control. 3D Project Sudio uses a special software application for complex 3D Mapping Shows, with 5 or 7 Video Layers and 4 or 6 audio channels for audio effects, control of light equipment etc. More significant 3D Mapping shows are the opening of City Mall in Skopje, the 20th anniversary celebration of Image PR Skopje, Mapping on "Dom Ibni Pajko" etc.


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 Maping 1 Maping 2
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