Scoreboard Software Applications

In the field of sports events, 3D Project Studio has developed several scoreboards software applications. The applications can be installed on PC configurations with classic network adapters (RJ47) from 100MB, 1GB or 10GB communication speed. The system must have two PC configurations Data Entry Unit and CG Unit. The Data Entry Unit has a PC configuration of 8GB RAM Memory, min Intel i3 Processor and 1920 x 1080 Graphics Resolution. In most installations for Data Entry Unit we use a Laptop. This unit is placed on a table for sports delegates and recorders. The CG Unit is with a PC configuration of 16Gb RAM Memory, Intel i5 Processor and Graphics Card with two monitor outputs. This unit is placed near LED wall processor and its connected with the Data Entry Unit by a network cable Cat5e. The CG Unit shows two different screens and can drive two different LED Walls. The first one shows statistics, the name of the players and all data needed for the current match. The second screen shows animations for each goal, ace, yellow card, red card, best players and other statistics. This picture is usually  shown on the LED Cube in the middle of the sports hall. There are four applications for four different sports such as, football, volleyball and handball. All aplications from the sports federations are approved for use.

Scoreboard 4 Scoreboard 3 Scoreboard 5
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 Standard Connection Configuraton 

Scoreboard Configurations


 Software Applications Interface 

BASKETBALL Scoreboard Data entry URNEK 4

HANDBALL Scoreboard Data entry URNEK 6

FUTSAL Scoreboard Data entry URNEK 2

VOLLEYBALL Scoreboard Data entry URNEK 9


Screens Outputs on LED WALLS

Semafor Basketball URNEK 2 POINT
Semafor Handball URNEK 3 TOP Players
Futsball Small SCREEN B URNEK RED Card
Semafor Volleball URNEK 4 Ace POINT