In the field of organization of congresses, 3D Project Studio has been active for more than 15 years. Nowadays, in addition to the technical organization that is necessary implementation of successful congress, 3D Project Studio is also taking over the entire organization. This additional activity encompasses a complete assistant in the formation of the congress program, advice, suggestions and consultations. Proposed locations for accommodation of the participants, organizing their transport and proposal for educational and entertainment content within additional activists during the congress. It registers and creates a special web site where all participants from around the world can be informed and report participation at the congress.

       In the creative part, it realizes the complete graphic design for the congress, such as designing the log type, identification, graphic preparation of the program and printing of all promotional materials (bags, pens, notepads, etc.). Graphic design and realization of scenography, branding of all rooms where there are activities during the congress. It takes care of all promotional materials that are needed, to reach and be in the hands of the participants. Communicates with the organizing committee of the congress, the participants and the hosts of the space, successfully solving all current problems and helping to resolve the possible complications. 


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      The technical aspect of the organization is one of the best in Macedonia. 3D Project Studio is a company with the most sophisticated technique and the most advanced technology for realization of congresses. Also is the first company to begin realized congress panel discussions with participants from many different locations through Audio-Video IP internet Link. Records all sessions during the congress even if they are realized in more than 3 halls simultaneously. For the participants that can't attend, there is a live broadcast of the lectures across all rooms in the hotels where the congress is held. Creating a special internal TV channel in the hotel with retrospective broadcast of all congress sessions and current information about the program and other activities of the congress program. Live stream on Facebook and Youtube or on the web page of the congress. Modern scenography with all the necessary technological components like Info - registration desk, speech desk, panel table, LAPTOP for presentations, Big LCD Screens, LED Screens, Plazma monitors, Scene light equipment, Color LED and Movie head intelegent light and all other stage staff.


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      The long experience has developed specific skills for the organization of the congress activity, and today, the team of 3D Project Studio is recognized and endorsed by a large number of associations, organizations and state institutions. From the biggest congresses that are realized, we separate:

Endocrinology Congresses

1st Macedonian EASD - Postgraduate Course in Clinic Diabetes