When you need to make a specific scientific presentation, the 3D Project Studio team will help you in its preparation. In addition to classical Power Point presentation, scientific works often need additional elements, such as shooting a special video or some 2D or 3D animations.  The professional team and skills for 2D and 3D animations will visualize your ideas, and collaborators such as directors, scriptwriters and actors will simulate every situation. So far, 3D Project Studio have produced many scientific presentations that have been successfully demonstrated by presenting at domestic and international conferences and congresses.



      In addition to the preparation of video, audio or Power Point presentations, 3D Project Studio also has a specific production technique that also enables successful technical realization of scientific presentations. Setting up large LED high-resolution screens, projection screens with LCD projectors in DLP technology, specific small and robotic systems of HDTV cameras that enable recording, internet streaming and real-time presentation. All these advantages that we offer will contribute to your scientific presentation being realized at the highest level.


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