This type of celebrations is most often used to express appreciation to the achievements of a company. A celebration that should be unique and very important for strengthening relationships with employees, clients and investors. 3D Project Studio offers excellent suggestions and opportunities for the complete organization of celebrations of this nature. Throughout the years of its work, our team has realized bigger promotions for corporations that have celebrated their successes for 5, 10, 15 and more years of successful work in different fields of business. For that purpose were made corporate video films, produced multimedia events and recorded commercials.

 50th anniversary of ADING -  by Biro Proekt



15th anniversary of Novo Nordisk in Macedonia - developed by Novo Nordisk   




30th anniversary of Cardiology Clinic in Ohrid



10th anniversary of Telekabel

Telekabel 1 Telekabel 2 Telekabel 3
Telekabel 4 Telekabel 6 Telekabel 5



10th anniversary of Termalift

Termalift 2 Termalift 4 Termalift 1
Termalift 3 Termalift 5 Termalift 6



18th anniversary of Zan Mitrev Clinic

Zan M 1 Zan M 2 Zan M 3
Zan M 4 Zan M 5 Zan M 6
Zan M 7 Zan M 8 Zan M 9