F.G.S. (Football Graphics Software) is a software application developed for on-screen statistics and graphics display of football match statistics and results. This application is intended to operate according to production requirements and it can be upgraded, improved and expanded. Based on the .NET Microsoft platform, the Easy Render Server is running in the background, creating graphics output provided with FILL и KEY SDI-HD, SDI-UHD, SDI-4K, SDI-12G output. F.S.G. is easy to install and use, and enables work in different modules according to the conditions of the sports halls and the OB Van. Its development started in 2015 and all upgrades are available for download on the following link http:\\www.ems.mk\sport. The Software is developed by Kiril Markovski and Milco Uzunov, and the graphic design of the modules is developed by 3D Project Studio Skopje, where all hardware and software units were tested.

Foodball CG

 The team responsible for testing and improvement of the software performance is: Kiril Markovski, Zoran Georgievski, Milco Uzunov, Nikola Kacanski, Filip Stavrov, Ljupco Ivanovski and Goce Stavrevski.

The integration of the football application with Easy Render Server and the improvement of their communication with Decklink card port is made by Marlon Mircevski and Kiril Markovski, and the main idea is by Milco Uzunov. The connection diagram of computer unit (CG UNIT PC) is displayed on the image below for internal and external keying.




This software solution was used in many football matches produced by 3D Project Studio. It also allows the use of various graphic quests and preparations, as well as the different language support and different fonts.See our small DEMO Presentation below:



      20170718 190432

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