The project EU Caravan Through the EU Member States was funded by the Delegation of the European Union and was successfully completed according to the initial plan of the project. The overall goal of the project was to educate Macedonian citizens and the general public about the benefits that the new EU Member States are having from the EU membership and the impact it would have on their lives. The project included 30 people-magazine shows titled EU Caravan through new EU Member States and was produced in 7 countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia and Slovakia. Each show included participation of guests that are key stakeholders from the respective local communities, such as the mayor, representatives of major local industries, enterprenuers, director of institutions, social and cultural activists, representatives of EU-funded projects from the area etc. 3D Projcet Studio produced a video montage of the countries and cities and filmed a summary of the public opinion of EU citizens and tourists about the benefits the countries have from their EU membership.

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